Irrigation Training Program

South Texas Edition

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This program is made possible by funding from the Texas Water Development Board.

Program Leadership

The Irrigation Training Program is a collaborative effort between the Texas Water Resources Institute, a unit of Texas A&M AgriLife; the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board; and the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service. Special appreciation is expressed to the individual authors and technical advisors who have contributed to the information and publications contained in this manual; the agencies, irrigation districts, groundwater conservation districts, Texas Agricultural Irrigation Association and members of other associations who have contributed time and leadership in the delivery of irrigation training programs; and to the site coordinators and those who have shared their expertise as speakers at individual programs throughout the state.

Lead Editor & Contributing Authors

Lead editor: Dana Porter

This manual was adapted from publications written by the following

Archie Abrameit
Mahbub Alam
Lal Almas
Steve Amosson
David Bade
Todd Baughman
Paul Baumann
Brent Bean
Mark Black
Randy Boman
Jim Bordvosky
Fran Bretz
Josh Bynum
Edsel Bynum
Paul Calaizzo
Tom Cothren
Gregory Cronholm
Clyde Crumley
Frank Dainello
Steven Davis
Peter Dotray
Juan Enciso
Guy Fipps
James Grichar
Aung Hla
Terry Howell
Thomas Isikiet
John Jackman
Freddie Lamm
Thomas Lee
Robert Lemon
Steve Livingston
Thomas Marek
Mark McFarland
Travis Miller
Shad Nelson
Leon New
Gale Norman
Carl Patrick
Xavier Peries
Giovanni Piccinni
Dana Porter
Patrick Porter
John Robinson
Danny Rogers
Scott Russell
Christopher Sansone
Steve Santistevan
Julian Sauls
Greta Schuster
William Sothers
Douglass Stevenson
Charles Stichler
Charles Swanson
Calvin Trostle
Noel Troxclair
Billy Warrick
Bob Wiedenfeld

Published by the Texas Water Resources Institute. College Station, TX
October 2008 - EM-103

Mention of specific products, manufacturers, brand names, etc. may be included for informational purposes and are not intended as endorsements.

Programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas AgriLife Research and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, national origin or veteran status.

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